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I’m Suzy Oakley, and I want you to feel as welcome here as you do at home in your jammies and fuzzy socks.

We’re real here. I want you to look at me — at the transformation I’ve made over the years — and say, “If she can do it, so can I.”

Because, honey, life ain’t easy, and it’s short. We don’t have time for pretense.

One of my favorite things to say is, “We’re all in this together.”

Another fave: “God made us for community.”

I believe that with my whole heart.

God has been gracious to me, and He has helped me grow in wisdom and maturity (although I have SO much more to learn), and I believe that the struggles I’ve gone through — some self-imposed — the hard things I’ve experienced … they all serve a purpose. And I believe part of my purpose is to help you find your purpose and live it out.

I believe God has allowed me to wrestle with certain things so that you won’t be able to say, “I’m the only one.” You can look at me and realize you’re not alone.

Whether you’ve suffered through physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenges, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

And you are absolutely welcome here.

Here’s the thing, though: This may be a “wellness” blog, but well-being covers a lot of territory.

  • Some days I want to show you how to eat the healthiest and most delicious dinner you’ve ever put in your mouth, and I don’t want it to take all day for you to prepare.
  • Some days I want to show you the fastest way to make your computer do what you need it to do (you know, efficiency) so that you can get your work done and go out to play.
  • Other days I want to help you learn to live within your means, financially speaking.
  • On days when I’m cranky, I just want to show you how to use good grammar (or spellcheck, for crying’ out loud). 🙂
  • And at other times all I want to tell you is that you’re a DEARLY LOVED CHILD OF GOD.

Part of my purpose — my mission, I believe — is showing people how to live their best life.

And a life consists of many parts.

I’m a daughter, wife, stepmom, dog-mom, an employee, churchgoer, pray-er, praise-er, mentor, truth seeker, procrastinator, cheerleader and sometimes-worrywart.

A million words describe me, and I know it’s the same for you.

We’re all multifaceted.

So my mission is to nurture you as you begin to find God’s purpose for your life and start living it out.


Some of my faves, not necessarily in order:

  • The Spice Dogs (otherwise known as Salsa and Pepper — part of the inspiration for my first blog’s name: Suzy & Spice). Sorry I don’t have a picture of them — they’re taking a nap.
  • Baseball. I bleed Dodger blue, but I also have grown to love my mom’s team, the St. Louis Cardinals, partly because it gives me an excuse to hang out with Mom on the weekends.
  • Sunday naps. Naps are one of God’s greatest gifts to humankind (second only to Oreos).
  • Blue. It’s my favorite color.
  • College football. If you visited my mom’s living room on any given Saturday in late summer/early fall, you might see us flipping back and forth between the Cardinals, the Fighting Irish (Bruce’s alma mater) and the Arkansas Razorbacks. (Occasionally my alma mater, Arkansas State University, gets a shot on TV, too.) Also on those fall Saturdays, you would see pizza or my Spicy Turkey Chili, which I used to make every. single. Saturday. But only during football season.
  • The Arkansas Women Bloggers. I love these chicks (and a couple of dudes). These are my people.
  • California, my state of origin. I live in Arkansas now, but California is in my blood. I call myself a Califarkansan. (Don’t say that three times real fast.)
  • Jeans and T-shirts.
  • Naps. Did I mention Sunday naps?
  • Christmas music — any and all. I’ve been known to play Amy Grant’s Christmas albums (all of them) throughout the summer. I just love them that much. My favorite one has been stuck in the CD player in my 2002 Honda Accord since last July. (I think that’s also where my Eagles greatest hits CD is.)
  • Bruce (the skinny bald guy in the pictures). He’s my husband, my travel buddy, the guy who makes me laugh, who loves cartoons as much as I do (probably more), and the guy who cleans up the dog puke when I don’t have the stomach for it (which is all the time). As with any marriage, we have a strange mixture of just-alikeness and very-differentness. I’m an evangelical Christian; he’s an atheist. You can’t get much different. And I’m writing a book about it.
  • Musicals. Movies, stage productions, whatever. If it’s a gig where actors periodically interrupt their conversations to break out in song, I’m all over it. Favorite musical: Camelot (there’ll be a quiz later), but the stage version, NOT the Vanessa Redgrave movie (which wasn’t a musical, but I still feel I must express my dislike for it).
  • Writing. It’s why I’m here.

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