I can’t get no satisfaction – or can I?

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SatisfiedQuote2Perfectionists have a hard row to hoe.

Trouble is, most of the time it’s of their own making. (Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.)

A recovering perfectionist, in working out a long-ago commitment to make that phrase past tense (recovered perfectionist), might attempt an artsy version of a favorite song lyric – prompted by a friend’s Song of the Month post and inspired by other friends’ practice of expressing beautiful truths in watercolor and other media (Alison and Jeanetta) – and decide to post her own, primitively written piece of “art.”

(She might even leave an incredibly long and convoluted sentence long and convoluted and hope that the reader will plow through enough to understand it.)

In the interest of demonstrating that trusting in Him – creator of the universe, of art and our very souls – is the higher virtue, this recovering perfectionist might decide:

  1. The good Lord will appreciate the effort and look over the crudeness of the lettering, not judging it on “artistic merit” but on intent.
  2. It’s a good exercise toward the “recovering” part of perfectionism.
  3. The artist’s willingness to show vulnerability might just encourage another weary traveler to do the same.
  4. A nonperfectionist might look at this piece and decide that it’s just fine. (What’s all the fuss?)
  5. There’s value in declaring that true SATISFACTION can be found in Him and only Him. (Someone please inform Mick Jagger.)

So I present to you this crudely drawn, deeply felt quotation, which will go on my bathroom mirror, and maybe even find a spot at my workstation at the office.

Btw, don’t bother looking for any lightly drawn pencil marks on the quotation that may have helped the aforementioned still-recovering perfectionist keep the rows straight. (Those were probably erased once the lettering was complete.)

(If they existed at all.)

Perfectionism, a hard row to hoe?

My friends, recovering from perfectionism can leave you face down in the dirt!






What attempts at overcoming perfectionism have you made recently? Publishing a poem that may not be understood? Taking an art class and letting the “flaws” show in the finished product? Leaving the toilet seat up? Share your vulnerable moment in the Comments section.

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2 thoughts on “I can’t get no satisfaction – or can I?

  1. Yes! Perfectionism has prevented me from hitting post, or even finishing a piece of writing that I have begun. I am trying to figure out how to get to “recovering.” This really, really helps.

    1. I’m so glad it helps! I’ve spent so, so much time trying to measure up to my own extremely high standards (and expecting others to, too) that I finally decided it was time to let us all off the hook. If my little lettering project helps others feel it’s OK to be less-than-perfect, mission accomplished!

      So glad you stopped by and shared your own struggle. Keep working on the “recovering” part. God gives us SO much grace.

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