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wellwellwell3 - tips & toolsEach week I bring you three tools, tips, articles, recipes or other resources that I find useful or interesting on the journey to wellness. Feel free to suggest your own helpful hints and tips by leaving a comment (see Comment link above).

Here are this week’s three:


I’ve followed Dietitian Cassie for about 18 months, and I really like her approach. I struggled with which post to start you out with, because she has so much good advice. She’s an advocate of PFC (protein, fat and carbs) at every meal, and she’s not afraid to eat butter!

Cassie bucks the conventional wisdom of the U.S. medical community, but she does it in a respectful way. She wrote a post a few months ago about being open-minded to new things (such as newer research saying that we need fat in our diets!). I’ll share that post with you another time. Today I’m sharing one of her Start Here posts.

Check it out: Simple Starting Steps


The secret to being a real runner is easy. There is only one thing you have to do. You just have to run.”


Last year Erin Henderson, mom of 12 (soon to be 13), was the guest speaker at our Women Run Arkansas 5K pasta party. Erin is a runner who lost about 80 pounds and credits running with a lot of her success.

Erin and her husband have adopted most of their children, and some of them have disabilities. No. 13, whom they’re hoping to bring home from China in December, has a severe physical disability and, although they thought they were finished with 12, they both “knew” she was theirs when they saw her. I love that!

Even though I didn’t get to hear Erin speak last year, I’ve followed her blog since before she visited Arkansas and she inspires me every time.

I hope this post will encourage you if you’ve thought about running or are just beginning, and those who’ve been running for years can take something away from it, too.

Check it out: How to Be a Real Runner


I believe Reader’s Digest’s had it right: “Laughter is the Best Medicine.”

You may think a humor piece doesn’t fit into a wellness-tips category, but laughter is healing and this 2-minute YouTube video made me laugh. Besides, don’t we need a good laugh to pick us up on a Monday morning? (We can’t let coffee do all the work!) I hope it gives you a chuckle or two.


That’s it for this week, kids. I hope you found something useful or at least interesting. Until next time …


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